IAMVIBRATION is a free visualization tool. it’s perfect for those of you who are struggling with how to visualize.

Let me just start off by showing you one of the IAMVIBRATION Videos

This Attract Money Subliminal IAMVIBRATION video is a strong visualization tool

First off why is visualization so important?
Visualization is important, because your brain needs a target, or goal to move towards. This goal can’t be something like a big screen television, it has to be deeper then that in order to really get your mindset on the right path.
IAMVIBRATION is great for this because it sub-consciously gets your brain motivated. by showing the images in the patterns it does, it tells your brain that by making money it will be rewarded with great things.
The power of subliminal messaging is powerful as well, by hearing the positive affirmations in repetition that you hear in IAMVIBRATION it gets your mindset thinking in a certain way.
Having a Abundant Mindset is one of the Keys to Success, and by listening and watching just one IAMVIBRATION video a day, it will get your sub-conscious mind on the path to abundant thinking.

Lets talk about a abundant mindset again that IAMVIBRATION can help you obtain

What is abundant thinking vs. thinking in scarcity?
Thinking in abundance is as simple as coming to the realization that there is enough for everyone, it gets you thinking out of the broke or scarcity mindset.
When you truly start thinking in abundance you gain the creative edge vs. the competitive edge. IAMVIBRATION can help you achieve this mindset.
When you think in the competitive edge, or with a scarcity edge, your telling your brain that there is not enough for yourself. If you start thinking this way its counterproductive, and your sub-conscious mind will find ways to prove this to be true.
You don’t want that so you? By thinking that there is enough for you, and that everything is already coming to you. Your brain will prove it to be true and everything you want will come your way.

I recommend watching at least one IAMVIBRATION video a day, as well as feeding your mind with other positive information through the use of audios and books.

A couple books that can help with the way you think are The Secret, and The Science of Getting Rich. Both of these books can be found in PDF online.
AS far as Audios go, you can find, Tony Robbins on YouTube, listen to his audios when ever you have the time.  You can listen to them when working out, or walking, or doing the dishes, it really doesn’t matter.
What does matter is that you constantly feed your mind with positive information,and cut out the negative. Things like NEWS, and television get your mind working in the wrong direction.
Instead of watching the NEWS, watch an IAMVIBRATION video, or listen to some Tony Robbins, try cutting television out of your life for 21 days and watch what happens.
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The key to using the law of vibration to your advantage is, knowing the relationship this law has with your thoughts. Every thought is an impulse of energy. The thoughts you hold in your head are just as real as the things you hold in your hands.